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Scuba Diving

Qirimbas islands national park is a fantastic diving destination. There is only one dive operator on Ibo Island, It is essential you check with us first about their availability. There is quite a few diving destinations with fantastic marine life.


Sandbank snorkelling / picnic

Sandbank, close to Ibo island offers beautiful snorkelling. We provide picnic lunch to take with you, blanket to sit on and shade to enjoy your day. We can help you organize either local dhow to transport you or take you in our motorboat.


Matemo & Rolas Island

In close distance to Ibo island there is beautiful Rolas and Matemo islands, both offering picture perfect beaches, where you can relax and snorkel. You go pass Sand bank where the snorkelling is the nicest. We can help you organize dhow with the local captain, we will provide picnic lunch to take with you, blanket to sit on and relax for the whole day. Alternatively you can use our motorboat.


Quirimba Island

Walk through the mangroves to Quirimba Island where the German Gessner family has a huge coconut plantation, owns 3/4 of the island and has been living for 3 generations. Relax on the white sand palm fringed beaches, have a lunch on the farm, enjoy tour of the coconut plantation and return by local dhow to  Ibo.



The tidal flats and mangroves are home to a great deal of wading and sea birds that are easily spotted from the kayak ridden by one of the local guides or yourself.



Each year on June 24th a small festival is being organised to celebrate the Fiesta do IBO. Traditional & contemporary song and dance, competitions, theatre and arts are at a display.


Historical Walk

Discover fortress São João Baptista and its famous silversmiths.
Tour down Rua da Republica.

Find Fortim San Antonio, dating from 1818. We can help you organize historical tour of Ibo island with one of our preferred guides.


Ibo Lighthouse

Portuguese built a lighthouse to guide incoming ships into the channel leading to the Port of Ibo. You can walk there and back in about three hours in low tide.